Hospital Yearly Data
Energy saved
1,126,904 kWh pe
Money saved
CO2 saved
423 t
Solutions Set

Data Center Cooling

Energy consumption needed for data center cooling is reduced synchronizing the three chillers available in order to maximize their efficiency. Electrical and thermal meters have been installed to monitor the system performance and to manage the cooling system in order to ensure high comfort conditions for the servers and low energy consumptions.

Emergency HVAC

An air handling unit feeding the Maternity hospital emergency area has been equipped with modern control technologies: sensors, meters and a new controller improve comfort conditions and reduce energy consumption at the same time by increasing for example the freecooling system use and by reducing the outdoor air excess when not needed.

Surgery HVAC

Surgery theaters air handling unit control is mainly based on manual operation according to operators’ expertise and users’ complains. An automatic control of the air handling unit has been implemented installing sensors and actuators to control air temperature reducing energy consumption and improving comfort conditions in the surgery rooms.

First Floor
image/svg+xml Operating Room
Last 30 days solutions data
Energy saving

35 %

23,445 kWh pe
Money saved