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Energy saved
2,103,017 kWh pe
Money saved
CO2 saved
269 t
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Pediatric HVAC

New fan coils control logics have been implemented based on presence detection, indoor and outdoor temperature prediction. The new controller achieves optimal fan coil start-up and stop and minimizes energy waste due to occupants leaving the system switched on while the room is unoccupied or by setting too high temperature set-points.


New control logics have been developed to switch on / off the existing fluorescent lamps based on luminance level and room occupancy. Unnecessary use of artificial lights can be minimized exploiting natural light. Presence and luminance detectors have been installed. Luminance level is measured and compared to the required set-point.

Third Floor
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Last 30 days solutions data
Energy saving

69 %

565 kWh pe
Money saved