Hospital Yearly Data
Energy saved
558,912 kWh pe
Money saved
CO2 saved
187 t
Solutions Set

Hospital HVAC

Heating and cooling can be carried on by geothermal heat pumps or by traditional systems (gas boilers and chillers). The solution aims at scheduling the three different systems in order to use the most efficient one without saturating the ground. Meters have been installed to measure the performance of each system in real operating conditions.


The objective of this solution set is to reduce the ventilation rate of surgery rooms, previously fed by an oversized constant air flow, in order to ensure high air quality levels in terms of biological particles concentration and to avoid too high flow rates when not needed. For this reason a particle detector has been installed.

First Underground Floor
image/svg+xml Surgery Room
Last 30 days solutions data
Energy saving

-2 %

-10,806 kWh pe
Money saved